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Our team collectively travels 1,000 virtual miles per week – proving that distance is just a number when it comes to connecting with talent
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Our team communicates with an average of 50 emojis per day – because sometimes, a smiley face says it all
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With a 100% remote workforce, our team collaborates across time zones, achieving a 120% boost in productivity through 24/7 collaboration
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We've embraced technology with a 25% increase in successful placements thanks to our innovative AI-driven recruitment strategies
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Unify your hiring process with our one-stop recruitment hub


Our mission is to be the driving force behind individual and organizational success. We are committed to forging transformative connections by meticulously pairing exceptional talent with unparalleled opportunities. Through this dedication, we aspire to not only meet but exceed expectations, creating an ecosystem where success is not just achieved but celebrated.

Envisioning a future where collaboration knows no limits, our vision is to redefine the dynamics of growth. We seek to create a global network where the seamless intersection of talent and opportunity sparks waves of innovation and prosperity. As we navigate the journey ahead, we aim to be the architects of a landscape where every connection catalyzes progress, and every achievement becomes a beacon lighting the path to boundless human potential.

SavageOne Culture...

Revolutionizing recruitment with innovation, embracing new technologies, and redefining how we connect with top talent.
Setting the standard in recruitment by consistently delivering exceptional talent solutions that go beyond industry norms.
Building collaborative relationships in talent acquisition, emphasizing trust, open communication, and shared success.
Measuring success in recruitment not just by placements but by the tangible impact on clients' hiring goals and candidates' career aspirations.
Dedicated to identifying, attracting, and nurturing top talent, strategically matching individuals with roles that align with their skills and aspirations.

Hiring Process

talent acquisition

Trust us to support you in handpicking the finest individuals for your company’s growth.

Discovery Phase

Define unique hiring goals and ideal candidate profiles

Strategic Planning

Craft a personalized strategy for efficient talent acquisition

Streamlined Selection

Tap into SavageOne's vast network for diverse, top-tier candidate

Quality Check

Spot candidates aligning perfectly with your goals

Spot the stars

Choosing excellence

Perfect Match

Spot the perfect match for your team

Swift Offer and Onboarding

Expedite offers and ensure a seamless onboarding process

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What sets SavageOne apart?

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Our commitment to client satisfaction, deep regard for personal relationships and dedication to quality is the cornerstone to our continued success.
New Hire Satisfaction Rate


SavageOne excels through industry knowledge and skilled professionals, ensuring top-notch recruitment services.

Global Reach

SavageOne's success extends globally, providing access to a diverse talent pool for enriched teams.


Thriving on innovation, SavageOne adopts cutting-edge technologies for forward-thinking recruitment solutions.


Standing out for efficiency, SavageOne streamlines recruitment, ensuring swift and impactful results.


At its core, SavageOne tailors recruitment strategies, fostering lasting partnerships and delivering exceptional value.

Our Founder

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Savage One was born to disrupt, impact, and excel a force that redefines the very essence of team dynamics.

With over 8 years of expertise, he recognized that true company success hinges on exceptional talent. Savage One disrupts norms, curating vetted professionals to redefine business brilliance.

Bold choices, Brilliant results – that’s the Savage One way.

Chad Favish

Founder & CEO

"Disrupting norms, achieving excellence. Our recruitment journey is a testament to innovation and ambition" -Chad Favish

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