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SavageOne is the alpha in recruitment, and here’s why you should choose us:

Unmatched Value:
Our fees start at a ferocious 9.5% for 12 months. We don’t just compete; we dominate.

Ruthless Results:
With our cutting-edge methods, we slash time-to-hire by up to 50%. We don’t settle for mediocrity; we deliver excellence, lightning-fast.

Custom Carnage:
One-size-fits-all? Not for us. We tailor our strategies to fit your needs like a bespoke suit, ensuring maximum impact every time.

Join the pack and let SavageOne lead you to recruitment victory. Choose the alpha, leave the rest in the dust

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Single annual fee per candidate placement, once off.

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Frequent questions

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SavageOne specializes in a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to technology, finance, healthcare, and engineering.

We employ rigorous screening processes, including skills assessments, interviews, and reference checks. Our dedication to quality ensures we present candidates who align with your specific needs.

SavageOne stands out through its commitment to disruptive innovation, global talent sourcing, and a personalized approach that prioritizes both client and candidate satisfaction.

Absolutely. We actively source candidates globally to fulfill positions requiring an international perspective, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded talent pool.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion. Our recruitment strategies emphasize sourcing candidates from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a broad representation in the talent we present.

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the role and specific client needs. However, our focus is on efficiency without compromising the quality of the process.

Yes, we believe in fostering long-term relationships. We offer post-placement follow-ups to gather feedback and ensure the seamless integration of the placed candidate within your organization.

While we strive for successful placements, in the rare event of an unsuccessful match, we work closely with clients to understand the challenges and initiate a replacement process.

Simply reach out to us through our contact page, and our dedicated team will guide you through the process, starting with an initial consultation to understand your unique recruitment needs.